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ADM is the best for solar from the beginning with professional engineering and then good installation, and the best part is that they get the job done quick and the end result is excellent. And now we're saving more than what we expected on our electric bill. We've had the job done for a year and we saved allot on our electric bill.

Joe Hassans Clothing

Lodi, CA

The SmartFlower is undoubtedly the most beautiful, sculptural solar installation I could imagine - waking with the sun and tracking the sun's movement through the day, just like a sunflower. It brings a smile to everyone's face, will make my home and small business almost energy self-reliant, and excites a curiosity and interest in Solar with all who see it. Anthony is very competent and his ADM team are friendly, attentive and completely professional. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Julie Joynt

Trinidad, CA

Save 10-30% on your energy bill

Discover the no upfront cost program. May Increase Property Value

ADM Electric Solar Innovation

Smart Flower

Simply set up, connect and start producing clean energy smartflower is a fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can live anywhere. Designed to be a plug-and-play system, smartflower makes solar simple. All it takes is a quick setup by one of our installers and you’ll be producing clean energy for your home or business. And if you ever have to move it, smartflower can be easily packed up and moved to a new site.













Lead The Way Of Change

Home Batteries Systems Battery Packs

Reliable Power Day and Night Battery Systems provides backup power during utility outages, natural disasters.. Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter.

Ag Solar

“In May 2013, PG&E Mandated All Small and Mid-Size Agriculture Customers Switch to Time of Use (TOU) Electrical Rates” – CFBF.com

Wind Power

The Original Skystream Personal Wind Turbine
Designed for homes and businesses, the Skystream 3.7 paved the way as the first compact, all-inclusive personal wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to work in very low winds. It produces up to 400 kilowatt hours of clean electricity per month* and comes complete with Skyview™ monitoring software, so you can track Skystream’s performance right from your computer. What’s more is that Skystream amonst the most highly tested and certified wind turbines in history.

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